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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Lisa, you are still very often thought of as we create our new home. I know that the bumps in the road would have been much harder to get over (and with far more anxiety) without your wonderfully calm, professional attitude and good humor. I'm very glad you’re a realtor for our sake, though sorry for the kids who will no longer benefit from what I bet would have been an amazing experience with you as a teacher. I am starting to realize that they both take a lot of the same qualities and we have benefitted from your presence in making this life-changing move. Thank you for everything you put into getting us here. 

Lisa Palumbo is a playmaker! Not only did Lisa somehow find us the home of our dreams, she negotiated a price far below asking price for us AND procured us a significant state grant that took this dream home of ours and made it a reality. If you combine the negotiations Lisa did on our behalf with the grant she made happen for us, a $340,000 asking price one year ago became a $215,000 accepted offer today. 

We had not even been considering houses of this quality when Lisa gave us a call and said, “I found a house I’d like you to check out.” We walked into a turn-key home on 3+ acres well within an area we wanted to live. We instantly loved it and thought “Great, but there is no way we can afford this home.” Thanks to Lisa, two months later, we still wake up and pinch ourselves and say “This is our home!” We cannot believe it - and we owe it all to Lisa Palumbo. With the deepest appreciation,

We spent approximately four years working with Lisa Palumbo, trying to find the right house. Lisa’s patience, honesty, and optimism really brought us through the dark times, when we felt we'd never find what we were after. She never tried to nudge us to buy something that wasn't right and--in fact--she gently dissuaded us from settling for the wrong house a couple of times. She knows the real estate market very well and has a good sense of prices; plus, she always pays attention to the nitty gritty house details (furnace age, electrical updating, roof condition, etc.) that aren't obvious at first glance. Lisa is friendly and fun to hang out with. She has great relationships with the other realtors in town so she's able to arrange showings quickly and was able to negotiate strongly and effectively on our behalf. She's just a really honest, genuine person and her authenticity and pleasant personality made all the difference during our stressful house search.

Lisa Palumbo is an amazing person / counselor / realtor / mediator / friend!!!

As a lesbian couple, we needed to find someone who was gay friendly and also, who could successfully assist us in our transition from moving from Germany to Western Massachusetts. As a family of four, which includes kids and pets, we had very particular needs and wants. Lisa took all of them into consideration. She was in constant contact with us overseas, via e-mail and long distance phone calls. She knew us so well just from our conversations that we totally trusted her judgment and were never disappointed in the service she provided.

Lisa would visit houses for us that we saw on the Internet and would send us a virtual tour based on the digital photos she took. When it came to the house we ended up buying, she was ever vigilant in dealing with every situation that came up, that we were just too far away to deal with. Lawyers, the seller, the seller's realtor, putting in a new septic system, having the chimney cleaned, and everything that was involved with the house inspection - she dealt with in our absence and "virtually" held our hands to help us get through the process. She set up appointments for us to speak to "experts" who explained every detail of the septic system and the house inspection report.

Afterwards, she even lent us furniture because ours was on a ship for six weeks. From beginning to end, she was there for us and we feel very lucky and fortunate to have met and worked with Lisa Palumbo.

We didn't know Lisa before we moved to town and actually had parted ways with our first realtor when things didn't work out. The short story is that Lisa is a savvy, intelligent, genuine, likeable person, and an excellent realtor. We had a tough time finding the right place and in retrospect we were being pretty picky in a slow wintertime market. She waited patiently for us to find a place with the "right feel" without ever pushing us or hurrying us to buy. On the other hand when we did decide to put feeler bids out it was all systems go for Lisa .... the bid was on the sellers agent's desk with all the appropriate paperwork within an hour or two, even if she had to track us down to have us sign forms. She was able to network well with the other agents. I think her ability to form friendly professional relationships with them helped us a lot. 

When we finally found the perfect home, unfortunately it wasn't really a secret. The sellers were motivated to move quickly and no less than five bids were ultimately submitted for a single round of closed bidding, all coming in above the asking price (not to worry, a pretty unusual circumstance out here and the house was under priced). We were 1,000 dollars below the highest bid ..... and we got the house! Lisa had the value pegged just about perfectly, and a combination of this and her ability to polish our bid and connect with the sellers made the difference. 

There are dozens of qualities that seem to help realtors succeed - interpersonal skills, business acumen, work ethic, etc .... but the bottom line to me, and the hardest quality to judge at first, is whether you can trust the person who is helping you spend your money. There are plenty of potential conflicts of interest that arise during the process, and if personal integrity is a question with your realtor it’s going to take a lot of the fun out of it. All the other things don't matter much if your agent is not really working for you. We trust Lisa and she earned that from us over a period of months.

After a failed attempt to sell our house, we contacted Lisa Palumbo for help. She came in with the right pricing, great marketing ideas and the ability to help us with the emotional roller coaster of selling a house. Shortly after her first open house - we were entertaining three offers! 

Lisa knows the market, respects her clients and always exhibits the utmost professionalism. She comes with our highest recommendation.

I live a thousand miles away from the house I was selling in Easthampton, MA and was unsure how I would possibly sell it from such a distance when my son helped with online research. Collaboratively we decided on Lisa Palumbo. Not only did she make the sale seamless and effortless, she did so with a cheerful and easy demeanor that made her an absolute pleasure to work with. Many a time, I felt as if I were her only client. She was always readily available by phone or email. There wasn't a problem she couldn't solve, whether it was a plumbing problem or electrical repair, she always had the proper professionals available to tackle the task. Whether selling from near or from afar, I wouldn't hesitate to use Lisa’s services again.

"I contacted Lisa Palumbo because I wanted to sell my home and look for a new home.  I had heard good things about Lisa.  I was in the middle of ending a long term relationship and was not looking forward to dealing with what I considered to be a “typical realtor.”  I did not want to feel pressured into doing anything.  I have the same apprehension when I buy a car. 

From the moment I met Lisa I realized that I found my "perfect" realtor.  I remember our first meeting at her office.  I started crying as I told her my story and what I was looking to do.  She listened to me intently, gave me some tissues and just let me talk. 

Lisa is one of the most authentic people I have ever met.  She handled every detail for me with total ease.  She sold my home is less than a week and helped me make an offer on my new home painlessly.  No pressure.  No phoniness at all.  I trusted her. 

As we spent time selling and buying, Lisa provided unbelievable support to me.  Her follow through was excellent.  If I had a concern or a question, she whipped out her cell phone, made a call and had answers for me immediately.  She assisted me through the entire process without making me feel pressured.  She connected me with a great inspector, lawyer and banker.  Everything fell into place. 

I highly recommend Lisa to everyone I know that is looking to sell or buy a home.  She is not only my "perfect" realtor; she is also a great friend."

"I would highly recommend Lisa Palumbo as a seller’s agent. She is extremely professional, bright, and skillful. I tried to sell my house by owner for over three months. I hired Lisa, and she found me a great buyer within a week - in a very tough market! And, though the process of selling a house can be anxiety provoking for everyone, Lisa somehow made the experience a smooth one from start to finish. Most importantly, Lisa is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she warm, funny, and down to earth, she is also incredibly energetic and responsive. Lisa definitely goes the extra mile."

Lisa was both our seller and buyer agent. She proved to be an exceptional agent throughout our time working together. Her knowledge of the local real estate market,  huge network of colleagues and resources, and reliability made her the perfect fit for us. She took the time to get to know our family, understand our preferences, and alert us to listings that fit these preferences. Once we found the home we were looking for, she helped us every step of the way until the day we had keys in hand. She made what is typically a stressful endeavor feel seamless and worry-free. Lisa was instrumental in helping us find a home that we continue to love and for that we are extremely grateful. It is clear that Lisa took great pleasure in helping us find a home that we love.

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